Ron Perlman Fired Up Over Ted Cruz Comments About NYC Values

Ron Perlman (L) Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz (R) Image Credit(s): Twitter/FOX
Ron Perlman (L)
Presidential Hopeful Ted Cruz (R)
Image Credit(s): Twitter/FOX

This week has been overflowing with political chatter, after in a surprise twist of events, Presidential hopeful and Republican Ted Cruz won over Donald Trump and Marco Rubio in the Iowa caucuses, with Democratic Presidential hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Rodham Clinton making history with one of the closest caucus battles ever. But that’s not what has Sons of Anarchy alum Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow) all fired up.

Ron, who is never shy about voicing his opinions, has an apparent issue with comments made by Republican Ted Cruz, about New York City, during the Republican National Debate. According to his Facebook, Ron is quite furious about Cruz’s comments, and this status update from the angered actor says it all:

Facebook Screenshot: Perlmutations
Facebook Screenshot: Perlmutations

It’s obvious Ron’s opinion of the Canadian-born politician wasn’t all that great to begin with.

If you missed Ted Cruz’s insight on New York, you can see it in a video clip that we have provided below. Tell us in the comments whose side you are on – Ron Perlman’s or Ted Cruz’s? Why? Do you think Ron has the right to be so angry with Ted Cruz over his choice of words?



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