Kurt Sutter Shares Heartwarming Story About Sons of Anarchy Frontman Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam (L) Kurt Sutter (R) Image Credit: Pop Sugar
Charlie Hunnam (L)
Kurt Sutter (R)
Image Credit: Pop Sugar

It’s common knowledge that Sons of Anarchy Executive Producer Kurt Sutter views his cast members as family, and when it comes to Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy), there’s no exception to that rule. While Kurt was in England filming for now failed series The Bastard Executioner, he revealed that he was able to have some post – Sons of Anarchy face time with Charlie, indicating that there’s still some real time love between the two.

In a Deadline interview back in September, Kurt said,

“One of the cool things about being out in London is, I got to hang with Charlie Hunnam a lot; maybe once a week, I would just see Charlie go by on his bicycle. We would stop and bullsh*t.”

Which to us is like, the coolest thing ever. It’s like Kurt is the Sons of Anarchy dad. Awwwwe. He also said, in the Deadline interview, that both he and wife Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller-Morrow, Sons of Anarchy) were missing their “kid”, meaning Charlie, and that,

Charlie just came by on his bike and for Katey it was like seeing one of our kids. We hung out for an hour or so and it was this lovely infusion of family. I just really felt how lucky I was and how rare that is to have built those relationships along the way. I love Charlie, man.

We’re definitely feeling the love! All this Sutter-Hunnam talk is only making us miss Sons of Anarchy even more! So today, we’ve put together a gallery to honor the love between Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam. Check it out below! Tell us in the comments how great you think the relationship between Kurt and Charlie is! Which photo of Kurt and Charlie is your favorite?


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