Impressive Charlie Hunnam/Sons of Anarchy Latte Art, Plus, How To Make Your Own!

Charlie Hunnam Drinks Coffee Image Credit: Pinterest
Charlie Hunnam Drinks Coffee
Image Credit: Pinterest

If you were to ask me what my two favorite things in the entire world were, my reply would be simple, and quick. Sons of Anarchy and coffee, of course! Those are the two things I cannot let a day pass without, and today, I’m so lucky to combine the two and share them with you! I have found some spectacular Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy) latte art, and I’m going to dish on how to make the perfect cup of artisan coffee as well.

Latte art is not as complicated as it sounds – you don’t need to know how to draw an intricate portrait on a piece of paper in order to have the skill for latte art. All you need is a working latte machine and a steady hand. Once you’ve learned the basics on latte making, you’ll have no trouble creating any amazing images in your lattes! Some of the elegant art I’ve seen done on delicious, steaming cups of espresso-laden coffee are almost too beautiful to believe, and Charlie Hunnam’s latte art is no exception.

Check out Charlie Hunnam in latte-form below, as well as a how-to video on making latte art! Now that I’ve told you how to make your very own artisan coffees, I want you (if you have a latte machine at home), to attempt Sons of Anarchy lattes too! I’d love to see what you can come up with! Dish in the comments below if you’ve ever had a latte with Charlie Hunnam on it. I’m not sure I could drink it – it’d be too beautiful!

Charlie Hunnam Latte Art 1

Charlie Hunnam Latte Art 1
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Image Credit: Pinterest

How To Make The Perfect Latte Art:

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