Annabeth Gish Joins Shondaland With Recurring Role in ABC’s ‘Scandal’

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Annabeth Gish as Lillian Forrester – ABC’s Scandal
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Annabeth Gish, best known to us as Charming’s only female lead Sheriff’s Deputy, Lieutenant Althea Jarry, has now joined the cast of ABC’s prime-time White House drama, ‘Scandal’. She was an excellent addition to the Sons of Anarchy cast, and as Lieutenant Jarry, she opened up several different story lines for many of the major characters, and we do not doubt that she will do the same for ‘Scandal’.

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Gish portrays Lillian Forrester, a reporter whose committed to writing an extensive feature on POTUS (President of The United States) Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant (Tony Goldwin) and his last days in the Oval Office. Her story line is much more complicated than that, though, as we should come to expect, and previews for the upcoming episode of ‘Scandal’ more than reveal Lillian taking Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)’s place as newly-divorced Fitz’s new White House Mistress.

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Check out Annabeth Gish’s entrance on ‘Scandal’ below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, alongside a photo gallery of her first appearances in the episode. Do you think she will be a good fit for the ABC/Shondaland family? If you haven’t yet watched ‘Scandal’ (we’ve watched it all from the beginning and it comes highly recommended here at SOA Fanatic), will you now that Annabeth has joined the cast? Tell us in the comments!

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