50 Shades Darker – Another Steamy Movie That Could Have Had Charlie Hunnam

Dakota Johnson (L) Charlie Hunnam (R) Image Credit(s) Tumblr
Dakota Johnson (L)
Charlie Hunnam (R)
Image Credit(s) Tumblr

This past week has been so full of news about ’50 Shades Darker’, the sequel movie to the ’50 Shades of Grey’ movie that had ample chance to cast Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy). While we’re stoked that Charlie is currently tied up with other fantastic movies, such as King Arthur and American Drug Lord, we still can’t help but fantasize about how sexy of a Christian Grey he would have been.

50 shades 2

Since Charlie announced he was pulling out of the 50 Shades franchise, we’ve done nothing but mope about it. Seriously, what else was there for us to do? His steamy Sons of Anarchy scenes were just a mere preview of the sex-driven God he would have been had he stayed on as Christian Grey. Now, we can’t stop thinking about how sad we’ll be that he’s not going to show us more of his bare backside for ’50 Shades Darker’.

50 shades 1

Though there is some stimulating news for you 50 Shades fans – the official trailer has been released and we’ll be sharing it below for all of your viewing pleasure. For all you Charlie fans….we’re sure you’ll find a way to fantasize about Charlie being in the trailer, right? Check the trailer out below, and tell us in the comments how badly you wish Charlie was going to be in ’50 Shades Darker’. Will you watch it anyway?