10 Pictures of Billy Brown (AKA August Marks) That’ll Make You Swoon

Billy Brown - August Marks (L) Charlie Hunnam - Jackson "Jax" Teller (R) Image Credit: FX
Billy Brown – August Marks (L)
Charlie Hunnam – Jackson “Jax” Teller (R)
Image Credit: FX

Say what you may about Billy Brown (August Marks, Sons of Anarchy), but damn, he is a fine piece of chocolate! He was the badass associate of Damon Pope (Harold Parrineau), and while we celebrated Jax (Teller, Charlie Hunnam)’s revenge against him, we’ve got to admit that he is yet another super sexy man on the Sons of Anarchy cast list.

billy brown giff

While in Sons of Anarchy, we didn’t exactly get to see Billy as the sexy soldier, like we did with Charlie Hunnam. We were groomed to hate him, and while it worked, that doesn’t mean that Billy should be overlooked. As Hubmesh says,

…when this dark and handsome guy with tall and muscular physique gives steamy sex scenes with Keating (How To Get Away With Murder), his fans, especially females, can’t stop themselves from fantasizing about being in Davis’ place.

Brown is every girl’s dream man. There are women who would do almost anything to get a glimpse of this attractive guy. There are even girls who dream of becoming his wife.

The good news? Billy Brown is not only sexy and sculpted, he is single and searching for a wife. Swoon.

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That being said, take a look at our too hot for words gallery of Billy Brown below. It may just blow you away. You’ll be asking if that really is the same guy that played August Marks, the man we love to hate, and yes, SOA Fanatics, it really is. Leave your thoughts for us in the comments. Had you noticed how delicious Billy Brown really is when he was in Sons of Anarchy?


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