10 GIFs of Happy Lowman We Know You’ve Been Waiting For!

David Labrava Image Credit: Twitter
David Labrava
Image Credit: Twitter

We seriously love GIF images here at SOA Fanatic, and for those not as experienced in the art of GIFs, a GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format, that magically uses technology to turn photographs into animated images. In a less technological explanation, it’s a photo format that allows for us to see photos in motion, and remember the moments in time in a super cool, yet brief way.

Today we have 10 of the Happy Lowman (David Labrava, Sons of Anarchy) GIF images we know you’ve been waiting , and they range from being sweet, to menacing, to sexy, to allowing for our imaginations to run wild. We love Happy and his real life counterpart, David, and the chance to remember him by GIF images is one we have to take!

Check out Happy/David’s GIFs below, and tell us in the comments which one you love the most! We’re seriously in love with #10. No joke! Would you like to see more GIF images shared of the Sons of Anarchy guys here at SOA Fanatic in the future?

#1.happy gif 1 #2.happy gif 2 #3.happy gif 3 #4.happy gif 4 #5.happy gif 5 #6.happy gif 6 #7.happy gif 7 #8.happy gif 8 #9.happy gif 9 #10.happy gif 10



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