Sons of Anarchy Prequel: 10 Real Facts That We Know About It

Gemma Teller and John "JT" Teller Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy The Official Collector's Edition (Kurt Sutter/Tara Bennett)
Gemma Teller and John “JT” Teller
Image Credit: Sons of Anarchy The Official Collector’s Edition (Kurt Sutter/Tara Bennett)

It seems that every day, we’re seeing new articles popping up about the Sons of Anarchy “First 9″ Prequel, and while most of them are repeated information, a good majority of them are rumor and speculation. Here at SOA Fanatic, we know that you all have been dying to hear more about the prequel, so today, we’re going to review 10 facts, true and real facts, that we know about the upcoming show.

While the rumors seem entertaining, here at SOA Fanatic, we aren’t so cool with perpetuating them, because let’s face it – in the end, if those don’t come to fruition, we’ll just end up being disappointed. We don’t know about you, but we believe the words “Sons of Anarchy” and “disappointed” should never be used in the same sentence. Kurt Sutter (Executive Producer, Otto Delaney, Sons of Anarchy) didn’t give us seven incredible years for us to end up being majorly let down in the end.

We owe it to you, our loyal and committed fans, to produce the most accurate truth we can for everything Sons of Anarchy, which is why you’ll find 10 real, true facts about the Sons of Anarchy “First 9″ Prequel below. We definitely think you deserve the truth, and you all have been super patient about getting news regarding the show. Tell us in the comments how excited you are about the “First 9″ prequel. Won’t it be so cool to know how SAMCRO came to be?