Jimmy Smits Is Coming To Netflix With “The Get Down”

Jimmy Smits as Fransisco "Papa Fuerte" Cruz
Jimmy Smits as Fransisco “Papa Fuerte” Cruz

Tell your friends you heard it on SOA Fanatic first – Jimmy Smits (Nero Padilla, Sons of Anarchy) is pulling a complete 180, and has joined the cast of the Netflix Original Series, ‘The Get Down’. The show is a drama driven by music, and is set in 1970’s New York City. The story is driven by transformation and and tells how of a group of wild teens finds their way living in the Big Apple.

Jimmy portrays Fransisco “Papa Fuerte” Cruz, a political boss in the South Bronx, NY, who delivers needed services and resources to the community – something his constituents have constantly failed to do. He’s the father to aspiring vocalist, Mylene Cruz (Herizen Guardiola) – though her dreams go against the strictly religious ways in which her father has raised her.

While no release date has been set for ‘The Get Down’, it looks to be an intense, but fun drama to watch, and we’ll be in the front seat for anything Jimmy Smits stars in, no doubt. Sources say that Netflix is looking to premiere the show sometime in 2016. Check out the newly released trailer below, and tell us in the comments what your thoughts are about ‘The Get Down’. Do you plan on watching it when it premieres on Netflix?



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