Charlie Hunnam Signs On To Portray Mexican Cartel Kingpin in ‘American Drug Lord’

Charlie Hunnam Image Credit: mysanantonio
Charlie Hunnam
Image Credit: mysanantonio

After a long seven years portraying the tragic MC leader Jackson “Jax’ Teller in Sons of Anarchy, Charlie Hunnam has now signed on to play yet another character caught up in a life of drugs and crime, in executive producer Sarah Esberg’s ‘American Drug Lord’. The news broke in mid-January 2016, and recently the actor was spotted in Laredo, Texas, scouting locations for the film.

‘American Drug Lord’ is based on the true story of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, who will be portrayed by Charlie Hunnam. He is a Texas native and high school football player who ends up being the only U.S. Citizen to ever capture a high ranking leadership position in the Mexican drug cartel. According to real sources, Valdez made $130 billion in a single year moving drugs from his base in Acapulco to Columbia, and became a feared man with his history of extreme violence and brutal executions. Eventually, Valdez’s life becomes a mere struggle just to stay alive.

It sounds like Charlie will have to tap into the character of Jax Teller to bring Edgar Valdez to life – the parallels in the two characters are incredible! Check out the real news story about Edgar Valdez, from 2010, about how he was the most wanted United States fugitive, below. It reveals a ton of the backstory in which Charlie will be playing! Tell us in the comments below how excited you are to see Charlie Hunnam transform into the only American-born man who becomes a Mexican cartel kingpin!



Charlie Hunnam and Fans Image Credit: Facebook
Charlie Hunnam and Fans
Image Credit: Facebook