Beautifully Tragic Jax Teller Tribute Video – “The Way” [MUST WATCH]

Jackson "Jax" Teller - Charlie Hunnam Image Credit: Tumblr
Jackson “Jax” Teller – Charlie Hunnam
Image Credit: Tumblr

As you all well know, we’ll never tire of the tribute videos you, our fans, keep making. We’ll always be excited to watch them, share them, and talk about them The one we’ve discovered today is no different. We’ve found a Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) tribute video, made by YouTuber TheSPNWorld, and the only way we have to describe it is beautifully tragic.

Jax, who lived a life being pulled between what was right and wrong, was deep-down a good man. Though, we don’t think even he could have convinced himself of that fact. He was a loving father, who always tried to do right by his family in the only way he knew how, and in the end, made the ultimate sacrifice so that they could have a life free of the weight brought on by SAMCRO.

Check out the tribute below – TheSPNWorld did an amazing job, as usual. We’re most impressed by this tribute and cannot wait to see more from them in the future. Tell us in the comments how this video has made you feel. Don’t you just miss Jax Teller so much?



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