The Most Perfect Tribute To Jax and Opie

Jax and Opie as kids
Jax and Opie as kids

Many of us go through our lifetimes never having the chance to experience a friendship like the one between Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam) and Harry “Opie” Winston (Ryan Hurst). The two were the best of friends as kids, riding their bicycles and fantasizing about their futures as bikers like their dads. They grew up together, in the shadows of SAMCRO, and would eventually end up side by side as they climbed the ladder of the MC.

Jax and Opie were more like brothers than friends, and even in their times of disagreement, they loved and supported one another. When Opie died, Jax lost a part of his heart, and was lost without Opie at his left hand. Their friendship never died, no matter the circumstance.

Check out this amazing Jax and Opie tribute video – it’s as if the song was made for the two of them. Tell us in the comments all the feelings it has brought on for you – it’s ok if you need to grab some tissues! Isn’t this just the perfect tribute video for Jax and Opie?