Sons of Anarchy Meets Chippendales For Christmas

jibjab christmas
Sons of Anarchy Meets Chippendales (Video Screenshot)

We’ve gone and done it again here at SOA Fanatic! We just can’t get enough of, and after you watch this video we’ve created for you today, you’ll see why! It’s everything we’ve ever dreamed – Sons of Anarchy meets Chippendales, and they’re dancing quite seductively to one of our favorite Christmas tunes!

A Chippendale’s Christmas, available exclusively at, is one of the hottest we’ve done yet. JibJab, if you didn’t know, is this totally cool website where you can create personalized videos using photos of you and your friends. You can make them sing, dance, and in this case, stop hearts for Christmas.


Well, what are you waiting for? Watch five of our delicious biker boys dance Chippendales style for Christmas, and let us know in the comments if you enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy go Chippendales. It’s ok if you may need to take a moment, or a cold shower after watching this one!

Naughty or nice? You’ve gotta watch this video for A Chippendale’s Christmas!


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