Exclusive On-Set Interview With “Luann’s Girls” Lyla & Ima

Winter Ave Zoli & Kristen Reton "Lyla & Ima" - YouTube Screenshot: SutterINK.
Winter Ave Zoli & Kristen Reton “Lyla & Ima” – YouTube Screenshot: SutterINK.

Little did we know, executive producer Kurt Sutter (Otto Delaney, Sons of Anarchy) did an exclusive on-set interview with Lyla and Ima (Winter Ave Zoli and Kristen Reton), to find out what they liked the most about playing escorts in the popular FX crime drama. The girls were not shy when opening up about what their favorite scenes were, and if they’d ever been pushed outside of their comfort zones.

Lyla, who we all loved, was a super sweet girl, who was just doing what she could to care for her family. Ima, on the other hand, was extremely two faced, and was only out to serve herself. Considering how starkly different these two characters were, was was it that they had in common? They were both played by amazing, and beautiful actresses.

Watch the exclusive interview below, right here on SOA Fanatic. Believe us when we say you’ll actually hate Ima a little less after seeing her real-life counterpart, Kristen Reton, talk about the character. Tell us in the comments how you feel about the characters – was there anything different you’d have wanted to see Kurt Sutter do with the two?