Brad Pitt To Portray A Young John Teller In Sons of Anarchy Prequel?

Brad Pitt (L), Victor Newmark as John Teller (R)
Brad Pitt (L), Victor Newmark as John Teller (R)

The news about Kurt Sutter (Otto Delaney, Sons of Anarchy)’s Sons of Anarchy prequel has been few and far between lately, surrounded much by speculation and rumor, and consisting little of actual facts. What has been confirmed at this point, is that Sutter has revealed he will be working on a prequel show, consisting of 10-12 episodes, as well as a spin off about the Mayan’s Motorcycle club.

What has Kurt said about it?

“At some point I do have plans to hopefully do the prequel, which I do see as a one-off 10- or 12-episode thing where we begin in Nam and see John Teller and Piney and see how that relationship got created, and bring them back to the States and the obvious external dynamics that were going on with the country and the perception of the war and what an odd kind of perception these vets got when they returned home,” said Kurt Sutter. “And then have it be the development of the club, ending before we start to get too close to some of the mythology that’s already been established.”

According to Crossmap, Brad Pitt has been chosen as the actor who will portray the young John Teller, which makes some sense, seeing as he just finished production on Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy)’s latest film, Lost City of Z. Share your thoughts with us in the comments – how do you feel about Brad Pitt joining the Sons of Anarchy family? Do you think he’d make for a decent John Teller?

Neither FX or Kurt Sutter has made an official statement confirming Brad Pitt’s role as John Teller, but this could be pretty interesting casting. What do you think?

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