Behind The Cut With Emilio Rivera

Emilio Rivera - SutterINK Interview 2011
Emilio Rivera – SutterINK Interview 2011

Emilio Rivera, best known to us as his portrayal of Marcus Alvarez, Club President of the Mayans MC, did a fantastic personal interview for SutterINK back in 2011. A little while ago, we shared with you a similar interview done by David Labrava, Sons of Anarchy’s Happy Lowman. This interview is amazing, as you’ll see Rivera didn’t have to break far from his norm to create the character of Marcus Alvarez.

In the interview, he talks a lot about what got him into acting, and reveals parts of Marcus Alvarez that we’ve been dying to know. It was part of a series of interviews done by Kurt Sutter (Otto Delaney, Sons of Anarchy), through his production SutterINK, and we’d love to know if he interviewed any more cast members in a similar way.

Check out the interview below, you’ll be happy you did, especially considering the great possibility of a Mayans MC spin-off coming to us in the near future. Tell us in the comments what you think about Emilio Rivera in the interview – aren’t you totally amazed by how identical he actually is to Marcus Alvarez?