Badass Sons of Anarchy Christmas Cookies

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Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Santa’s favorite treat – cookies! Year after year, we bake and decorate thousands of different cookies. We watch as our kids put them out, on Christmas Eve, in a special place near the tree with a glass of milk just for Santa. It’s what our Christmas memories are made of. So, do you think Santa would bring you coal if you left him out some Sons of Anarchy Christmas cookies?

You’ll have to ask the people who created the cookies in this badass Christmas cookie gallery, if Santa exchanged their Sons of Anarchy Christmas cookies for coal. Though if I was Santa, and I arrived to find Sons of Anarchy cookies, I’d leave double the present for whoever made them for me! No joke, they’re the coolest cookies I have ever seen!

Check them out below! The supercool Sons of Anarchy gingerbread men were made by Cakes By Erin (we’ve linked her Facebook, where she has a photo of Charlie Hunnam holding his gingerbread man counterpart), an incredibly talented baker out of Massachusetts. Tell us in the comments how cool you think these Sons of Anarchy Christmas cookies are!

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Christmas Cookies 1
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