10 of Sons of Anarchy’s Most Notable Guest Stars

Dave Navarro (TL), Marilyn Manson (TR), Courtney Love (BL), Stephen King (BR)
Dave Navarro (TL), Marilyn Manson (TR), Courtney Love (BL), Stephen King (BR)

Sons of Anarchy is known for its amazing cast and crew. We all know that Kurt Sutter, who cast himself for the part of Big Otto Delaney, was very meticulous on who was cast for each and every character, and we can see why. The show consisted of several immensely talented actors and actresses – and those included the ones cast not as major roles, but as guest stars in the series as well. Take a look at the most notable Sons of Anarchy guest stars, right here, on SOA Fanatic.

#1. Stephen King

guest stars 5

In what was considered the most epic cameo appearance in all of Sons of Anarchy, Stephen King made his debut as Bachman, a “cleaner” who could make bodies disappear, without a single trace. Hired by Tig (Kim Coates) in Season 3, Episode 3: “Caregiver”, he disposed of Gemma (Teller-Morrow, Katey Sagal)’s dad’s caretaker after Tara (Knowles-Teller, Maggie Siff) finished her off with a pair of gold praying hands following a dire struggle.

#2. Dave Navarro

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Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro appeared on Sons of Anarchy as Arcadio Nerona, Nero Padilla (Jimmy Smits)’s cousin and an associate to the Byz Latz gang. He first shows up at the end of Season 5, and again during Season 6, after the school shooting where his girlfriend’s son used a KG9, that’d been bought from SAMCRO. His time on Sons of Anarchy ended after Arcadio attempted to betray SAMCRO in order to save his girlfriend from the MC.

#3. Marilyn Manson

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Another rocker-turned-actor, Marilyn Manson apprised the role of Ron Tully in the final season of Sons of Anarchy. He was a shot caller for the Aryan brotherhood, and was incarcerated throughout his entire stint in the show. He develops a liking for Juice (Theo Rossi), and makes deals with Jax (Charlie Hunnam) on the outside. Ron Tully is, in fact, the only character in Sons of Anarchy to kill a major character and still be alive at the close of the show.   

#4. Danny Trejo

Guest Stars 7

I don’t know about you, but when I see Danny Trejo on screen, I pay attention. Trejo played Romeo Parada in Sons of Anarchy, an ex-Mexican military commando and a high ranking member of the Galindo Drug Cartel. An associate of SAMCRO as a weapons purchaser, he was double timing as an FBI Informant for the RICO case against the MC. He made appearances throughout Seasons 4 and 5 of Sons of Anarchy, and was responsible for the hit on Tara that damaged her hand and ended her career as a pediatric surgeon.

#5. Courtney Love

While her appearances on Sons of Anarchy were short, and few and far between, Courtney Love portrayed Ms, Harrison, Abel Teller (Evan/Ryder Londo)’s pre-school teacher, who called Child Protective Services after Abel framed Gemma for hurting him. While we didn’t see much of her, the role of Ms. Harrison was imperative to keeping Gemma’s storyline going. She was on-screen only for the last season of Sons of Anarchy.

#6. Glee’s Lea Michele

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Lea Michele made her Sons of Anarchy cameo in Season 7 as Gertie, a truck stop waitress that made a small, but poignant connection with Gemma when Gemma was on the run. She was in “Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em”, Sons of Anarchy’s 6th episode in the final season.

#7. Ashley Tisdale

guest stars 9

Disney star Ashley Tisdale arrived to Sons of Anarchy in Season 5, Episode 3: “Laying Pipe”. She portrayed Emma Jean, a high class escort working for Nero Padilla. She takes a private room with Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), which results in her being assaulted by Gemma. Later on, Jax ends up having to save her after Nero’s crew wants her dead.

#8: Malcolm Jamaal-Warner

Yep, you saw that right – it’s Theo Huxtable! His real life counterpart, Malcolm Jamaal-Warner, portrayed Sticky, the Vice-President of the Grim Bastards MC. He appears in the final season, alongside President T.O. Cross (Michael Beach), assisting SAMCRO with various tasks, including snatching Lin Traid member, Chris Dunn, for Jax to avenge his wife’s death.

#9. Tom Arnold

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Roseanne Barr’s ex-husband and ex-costar, Tom Arnold, known for his role on the 90’s sitcom Roseanne, as Arnie Thomas, played the hell out of Sons of Anarchy’s crooked porn producer, Georgie Caruso. Responsible for the death of Big Otto Delaney (Kurt Sutter)’s wife Luann Delaney (Dendire Taylor), Georgie quickly became an enemy – and a casualty – of SAMCRO.

#10. David Hasselhoff

guest stars 12

Baywatch alumni David Hasselhoff portrayed Georgie Caruso’s rival porn producer, Dondo, in Sons of Anarchy. He assisted SAMCRO in setting up Georgie for his wrong doings, and was not seen on screen that much. He was mentioned by Luann Delaney, and helped Luann’s girls on occassion.

There you have it – Sons of Anarchy 10 Most Notable Guest Stars! Is there anyone else you’d like to see added to the list? Let us know in the comments! Was there anyone you were surprised to know had shown up on Sons of Anarchy?

Also, check out this video from the final season; the announcement of Courtney Love’s arrival to SAMCRO.



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