Ron Perlman’s Book: Easy Street (the Hard Way)

Easy Street

Did you know that Ron Perlman (Clay Morrow, Sons of Anarchy) teamed up with producer Guillermo Del Toro to write a memoir, called Easy Street (the Hard Way)? So far, we’ve been able to establish that Perlman is a fierce screen actor, a kick ass voice actor, and now a badass writer? What more don’t we know about our mischievous Clay Morrow?

Easy Street is a brutally honest memoir about Ron Perlman himself – about his dedication and perseverance while navigating through Hollywood. Perlman, as a child, suffered from extreme self-esteem and appearance issues – yet managed to more than thrive in Hollywood, a place depends on perfection in regards to physical appearances. Perlman’s resume says it all – he’s been active in Hollywood for 36 years – and has a never-ending list of performances under his belt.

Easy Street 2

Check out the highlights from Ron Perlman’s appearance at Strand, a New York City book room, where he talked about Easy Street (the Hard Way), and what it took for him to put his life into the pages of a book. Have you read Easy Street? If not, will you now that you know about it? Tell us in the comments!

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Ron Perlman - YouTube Screenshot
Ron Perlman – YouTube Screenshot