Could There Be A Sons of Anarchy Theme Park?

SOA Theme Park
Sons of Anarchy – Photo Credit: FX

Our dreams may just be a reality SOA Fanatics!

Twentieth Century Fox has revealed its plans to open a theme park and resort in Dubai, that will include an attraction on their most watched show, Sons of Anarchy. This will be the second of such parks built by Fox, but the first resort run by the company. The project is estimated to be completed sometime in 2018.

The official announcement for the park, which will be called 20th Century Fox World Dubai, was done by the Twentieth Century Fox Studio on Tuesday, 11/03/2015. The theme park will follow a similar project currently under construction in Malaysia, which is also estimated to open sometime in 2017.

We’re curious as to what rides could be in the Sons of Anarchy attraction. A Ferris wheel with motorcycles for seats? We’d consider going, and we’d like for you to take the poll below to let us know if you’d go to a Sons of Anarchy themed attraction. Let us know in the comments why you chose the answer you did!

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