McNally Sagal Was Badass Years Before Sons of Anarchy

McNally Sagal as “Woman” – Malcolm in The Middle (2004)

Do you remember the Malcolm In The Middle episode back in 2004; Season 6, Episode 6: Hal’s Christmas Gift, when Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) got into a parking lot duel at the mall with a lady driving a pretty blue Ford Mustang? That lady with the pretty Mustang was none other than McNally Sagal, Sons of Anarchy’s Margaret Murphy. She was dubbed ‘Woman” in the episode, and was downright badass in the character.

McNally, who is the sister in law of Katey Sagal (Gemma Teller-Morrow, Sons of Anarchy), is introduced in Malcolm in The Middle when at the shopping mall, she hits Lois’s car with her car door. In traditional Lois style, she returns the door slam when Sagal’s character refuses to apologize, and a hilarious parking lot rage scene ensues.

Katey Sagal as “Gemma” and McNally Sagal as “Margaret Murphy”

Watch the priceless clip of McNally Sagal in Malcolm in The Middle below. We promise, you won’t stop laughing. Tell us in the comments if you remember the episode. Did you cringe when her pretty blue Mustang ended up all beaten up, or do you think that she deserved it for what she did to Lois’s car?

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