Kurt Sutter Cancels The Bastard Executioner After Just One Season

Kurt Sutter – The Bastard Executioner

FX’s young medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner, has officially been axed by its own creator Kurt Sutter (Otto Delaney/Executive Producer/Writer, Sons of Anarchy). This comes after Kurt Sutter himself said, via an ad in the Hollywood Reporter, “The audience has spoken and unfortunately the word is, ‘MEH.’ So with due respect, we bring our mythology to an epic and fiery close.”

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I guess this means that Lee Jones will not be the next Charlie Hunnam, which totally stinks because he had such delicious potential. Kurt Sutter has always been smart about when it is time to bring a story to its close – while we were all incredibly sad that Sons of Anarchy ended, we all know that Kurt completed the series at just the right time.

With the new of the cancellation, we bring you a gallery of our favorite Sons of Anarchy stars in their Bastard Executioner roles. We loved seeing Katey Sagal (Gemma teller-Morrow, Sons of Anarchy), Timothy V. Murphy (Galen O’Shay, Sons of Anarchy), Ed Sheeran (Music, Sons of Anarchy), and of course, Kurt Sutter himself on the TV screen once again. Leave your thoughts about the cancellation of TBX in the comments – are you happy or sad to see it go? Do you think this will give Kurt more time to work on more Sons of Anarchy projects?

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