Charlie Hunnam Responds To Internet Death Hoax

Charlie Death Hoax
Charlie Hunnam Responds To Death Hoax on TMZ – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Sons of Anarchy was not short of death, and that is an extreme understatement. When a hoax hit the internet in June of 2014, claiming that Charlie Hunnam (Jackson “Jax” Teller, Sons of Anarchy) had been killed in a car accident, Charlie had some choice words for the tricksters who created the false news.

He referred to the bluff as “lame”, and said that his friends were scared, in an interview with TMZ following the hoax. He says the trick was in “really bad form”, and that it was done in “bad taste”. Internet death hoaxes are widely popular, as Charlie, unfortunately, isn’t the only celebrity to fall victim to one.

Watch below as Charlie gives his full reaction of the hoax to the TMZ crew. It’s obvious that Charlie wasn’t humored, and as fans, we aren’t either. Maybe there’s a lesson in it somewhere though we’re just glad that Charlie is still with us today. Leave your thoughts for us in the comments. How angry did the hoax make you?

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