Three Things Sons Of Anarchy Star Charlie Hunnam Did To Prepare For King Arthur [GALLERY]

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Charlie Hunnam As King Arthur

Charlie Hunnam, who is looking forward to his new character in Knights of The Round Table: King Arthur, had to make some serious changes in order to prepare for the role. The man is a genuinely talented actor, as we saw within his role of Jax Teller in FX’s Sons of Anarchy¬†and is undoubtedly committed to what he does.

Hunnam, according to IMBD, has promised to get into “incredible shape” for King Arthur, adding an extra 500 push ups to his daily workout routine. He researched the work of UFC champion Conor McGregor, reportedly having watched endless hours of his fights and interviews because he thought McGregor would be the prime model for the character to follow. Lastly, he challenged other actors auditioning for the role to a fight, which was the deed that landed him the role.

Allegedly, Guy Ritchie, who is the director for King Arthur, kept commenting on Hunnam’s slim physique, that he’d had to maintain for his role as Jax, during auditions. Apparently, that’s all it takes for Charlie feel challenged, as he told Ritchie, in his audition,

“Look dude, you keep bring this up the physicality. It’s obviously your primary concern. So if you want to do away with all this auditioning bullocks, I’ll fight those two other dudes. I know who they are. You can bring them both in here. I’ll fight them both. The one who walks out the door gets the job.”

He was hired, no fight needed.

Take a look at the gallery below, which showcases Charlie Hunnam as King Arthur. Tell us in the comments if you’d known what Charlie Hunnam had to do just to get the role. Are you looking forward to when the movie is released?

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