The Death of Henry Lin

Henry Linn & Juice – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Henry Lin (Kenneth Choi) was the Chinese-American leader of a San Francisco-based Lin Triad, later to become the leader due to the death of his uncle. Henry Lin had an up and down relationship with the SAMCRO chapter, due to the SAMCRO was the reason or he death of his uncle. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) had other ideas as far as Henry Lin went. He was not going to continue a good relationship after finding out that one of his own was the reason for Tara’s death, at least so he thought.

Jax continued on with his plan to ruin Henry before killing him by having the Sons (along with the Indian Hills charter) follow Henry’s men to a meet and massacre all of them. Henry finds out and is furious, telling Nero (Jimmy Smits) to organize a meet immediately with Jax. Jax as usual uses his charm to talk himself out of the trouble he was in with Henry Lin and denies any wrong-doing by the SAMCRO chapter.  Eventually, Henry finds out that it was Jax and SAMCRO who had killed his men and stolen his heroin. After discovering this, he sends his men to Diosa, where they massacre everyone.

In retaliation for this, SAMCRO has Charlie Barosky and his crooked cops pull the Chinese over in Stockton, where they are all handcuffed to a fence. This lead to the arrest of Henry Lin, and his inevitable death. Below is a video of the death of Henry Lin by the hand of Juice while they were both in prison. Let us know in the comments if you think Jax was in the right to have Henry Lin killed.

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