Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Gag Reel

Gemma & Jax Teller – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

No season would be complete without a gag reel for each season. The gag reels provide a real look at what happens when the cameras are rolling. It is no secret that it is not all fun and games when it comes to acting. Therefore, sometimes it is important to let loose. This sometimes means messing up a line or not being able to say something with a straight face.

I imagine it would be hard for me to stay straight faced during some of the scenes that these actors and actresses have to do. There is no wonder why a scene may take many different takes before it is done the way the director wanted it done. Kurt Sutter was smart when he helped pick the cast for the Sons of Anarchy.

It is important in a show that all the actors and actresses can get along. Had the cast not gotten along so well, there would most likely be no gag reel to show you. These actors go along so well that gag reels for this show were more than possible. Most of this cast hangs out together even after the show has wrapped. Below you will find the video for Season 3 gag reel. Leave your comments below on what you thought of this gag reel.


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