Sons of Anarchy Nail Art: Easy How-To Tutorial

Sons of Anarchy Nail Design – YouTube Screenshot

How many nail tutorials have you seen on Facebook recently? Yeah, there’s a ton, and that tells me that nail art is carving into its own revolution. There are countless ways to create your own nail designs and art, so why not deck your nails Sons of Anarchy-style?

I love everything about the Sons of Anarchy style; it is distinct and quite beautiful. The color scheme is right on point for me; I am all about the blacks, and reds, and grays. Typically, those colors for nail polish aren’t the first choice to be used, which totally makes me want to do it even more. The beauty of it all though is you are not limited to the colors you can use, for example, the Sons of Anarchy nail design below uses pink, white, and black to create a unique and inspiring SOA design.

Nail Art
Sons of Anarchy Nail Art Design – Photo Credit: Pinterest

I’ve found for you, a simple Sons of Anarchy nail art tutorial, that I think you will all love. It was done by ColorfulTreasures, who has their very own nail art and beauty channel on YouTube. Give it a watch, and share photos of your SOA nail art in the comments!