Sons of Anarchy ‘Men of Mayhem’ Board Game

Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem Board Game

This Halloween, we’re sure you’ll be looking for ways to spice up your parties. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So far we’ve shown you awesome Sons of Anarchy Jack O’ Lanterns, given you tips and tutorials on how to create the best SOA costumes, and there’s even more to come. Today we’ll be showing you a fun Sons of Anarchy game that you can play with friends at your Halloween party!

Did you know that there’s a Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem board game? We found, for you, a step by step how-to on playing the game. The video, while being quite long, we promise it will make you a Men of Mayhem master! If you don’t already have the game, you can buy it here.

Take a watch at the video below, and let us know in the comments if you’ll be creating Mayhem at your Halloween party this year with the Sons of Anarchy Men of Mayhem board game!

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