Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costumes


If you’ve decided that the Sons of Anarchy look is the right one for you this Halloween, you’re in luck! Throughout the next three weeks, we will give you everything you need to be able to transform yourself into your favorite Sons of Anarchy characters!

There are so many options to choose from; the most popular looks for the ladies are most definitely Tara Knowles-Teller and Gemma Teller Morrow. For the guys, the best choices are Jax Teller and Chibs Telford, though we’ve had a ton of requests for the Juice look too!

All of your costume needs can be met at You can find anything and everything you’ll need to create the perfect SOA look. We’ve provided a gallery with all of the apparel and accessories to complete your Sons of Anarchy costume including Sons of Anarchy faux-leather vests, SAMCRO motorcycle club jackets, Gemma-inspired clothing and jewelry, Reaper skull rings, sunglasses, and more to create your very own custom Sons of Anarchy look.

If you’re planning on dressing up as Gemma this year, we’ve featured an awesome Gemma make-up tutorial to help you recreate her signature look.

Let us know in the comments which Sons of Anarchy character will make your Halloween great this year!

Official Sons of Anarchy Cuts

Official Sons of Anarchy Cuts