Sesame Street Sons of Anarchy Parody

Sesame Street Sons of Anarchy Parody – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Sesame Street does a kid-friendly Sons of Anarchy parody and it’s hilarious!

Here’s something you and the kids are going to love. If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy and watched Sesame Street growing up, or have kids who watch it, you’ll appreciate this funny mash-up.

The children’s television show Sesame Street is known for their silly and educational spoofs and parodies, but this one stands out above the rest. In this episode, they introduce a rhyming motorcycle club with puppet characters Jax, Tig, Bobby, and Clay, known as The Sons of Poetry.

I love that they created muppets resembling each Sons of Anarchy character and kept within the same theme of SONS. Bobby and Jax are the best! It would be a great educational program if Sesame Street did a kid-friendly spin-off as The Sons of Poetry. What do you think?

Watch the Sesame Street: Sons of Poetry parody below, have a laugh, and share it with your kids. Let us know what you think of this great mash-up in the comments.

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