Ladies of Anarchy: Rita “Cherry”

Cherry 4
Taryn Manning as “Cherry” – Sons of Anarchy

Cherry, also known as Rita, was a “patch over” from the Indian Hills Tribe in Nevada, and was portrayed by one of my favorite actresses, Taryn Manning. She posed as a SAMCRO “hang around”, and had the nickname “Sweet Butt” in Indian Hills.

We first met her in Season 1, Episode 4: “Patch Over”, when the boys from Sons of Anarchy California met with the Indian Hills Tribe to patch them into SAMCRO. Clay (Morrow; Ron Perlman) needed the extra crew when SAMCRO was threatened by the Mayans during a harrowing time within the gun trade.

Cherry, whose name she’d taken from her former dog, had slept with Clay, despite a quick attraction to Half-Sack Epps (Johnny Lewis). This resulted in her taking a skateboard to the face, compliments of Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal).

This article only describes how we met Cherry, but I loved her throughout her entire stay at SOA. Take a look at the gallery I’ve compiled as a tribute to Rita/Cherry and Taryn Manning, and tell us in the comments what you thought of her character!

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