Kim Coates Interview On His Roles In Film & Theater

Kim Coates Discusses Career In Film – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Canadian actor, Kim Coates, talks about the roles he’s chosen and turned down over the years, discusses playing a bad guy, and his love for strong women.

We all know Kim Coates as ‘Tig Trager’, Sons of Anarchy’s sociopath with a giant heart, but his acting career does not begin or end there. Coates has been cast in many major Hollywood films and over 28 professional theatrical plays.

Coates studied drama at the University of Saskatchewan, where he was casted as the youngest Macbeth in theatrical history. His career in theater has landed him roles in major films such as Black Hawk Down, The Client, Waterworld, Battlefield Earth, and Pearl Harbor.

The one thing we love the most about Kim Coates is his passion for acting, he pours his heart and soul into all of his roles. Check out the interview below to hear more about his career and his favorite roles.

Besides Tig, what has been your favorite Kim Coates role? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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