Father Ashby: Was He A True Angel?

Father Kellan Ashby – Sons of Anarchy

Sometimes it is easy to forget about the people that made small appearances in a television series. I forgot about Kellan Ashby (James Cosmo) until I had gotten to the third season and realized he was just as important as the rest even though he did not appear much. Everyone remembers that he is the one that took Abel to the orphanage. My first question was; why did he do that?

Kellan Ashby was a man of God but he also had strong ties to the True IRA. He was also great friends with John Teller for a very long time. He had promised John that he would watch over his boys for him and keep Jax out of the club. When he failed to do so, he felt that if Abel went on to a good family, he could at least make one wrong right. So, Ashby takes Abel to foster care.

When Jax finds out that Ashby has taken Abel and put him up for adoption, he becomes angry but is overthrown by Ashby’s strength. Jax makes Ashby reveal Abel’s location by threatening to kill Sean Casey. When Jimmy O’Phealan kidnaps Abel, Ashby sacrifices himself as a hostage in exchange for Abel’s release to Jax. Jax warns Ashby that Jimmy will kill him, but Ashby insists on the exchange. Ashby’s death is confirmed in Season 5.

Below are pictures of Father Kellan Ashby to refresh your memory of these events. What did you think of Kellan Ashby? Was he a true angel for sacrificing himself for Jax and Abel? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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