Eli Roosevelt: From Convict To Cop

Rockmond Dunbar as “Eli Roosevelt” in Sons of Anarchy & “C-Note” in Prison Break

The first time I watched Sons of Anarchy, I will admit I watched it way too fast. I was trying to catch up before the 6th season started. That being said, I watched it not really paying attention to things that caught my eye the second time around. Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) was the one that had caught my eye, I knew I had seen him in something else. For a bit, I couldn’t figure it out what it was I had seen him in. Eventually, I had figured it out he was in the show Prison Break.

What struck me as funny, is the fact that he was a convict in Prison Break. The irony of this is he has gone from convict to cop. It is not that uncommon for an actor to do a polar opposite role, but he made such a great convict, it was hard to see him in a role where he had to be honest.

Although Eli Roosevelt was a cop, he knew how to play with the bad biker boys that were SAMCRO. He wasn’t going to let them run him but he did learn to work with them. That would be the same in his role in Prison Break. He was not going to let anyone run him but he would learn to work with the convicts. Each role he played had small similarities, none the less, he is a great actor and can play any role well. Below you will find photos of Rockmond Dunbar during his Prison Break time. Comment below on your thoughts of him.

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