Charlie Hunnam’s Haircut & Styling Tutorial

Charlie Hunnam Haircut – Photo Credit: FX / Pinterest

Ok SOAfanatics, I’m freaking out and I need your help. My husband of 12 years, bless his heart, has beautiful long blonde hair – his is longer than mine, it’s nearly 3 feet from scalp to ends – and he wants to cut it all off. I love his hair; I love everything about it. I don’t want to see it gone.

However, I’ve tried to compromise with my husband and I have suggested he get the Charlie Hunnam haircut. Naturally, that made me search tutorials on how to successfully do the cut, and here we are now. I found one done by The Salon Guy on YouTube, he says it’s simple, and that it’s a basic medium-length haircut with slight layering.

Can you do me a favor, wonderful fans, and watch this tutorial for me? Please comment and let me know what you think of Charlie Hunnam’s hair cut and this tutorial on how to do it? Would you ladies also have your man get the Charlie Hunnam cut? Thank you in advance!

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