Behind The Scenes of Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Charlie Hunnam Has Food In His Teeth – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

We’ve just uncovered some rare behind the scenes footage from the set of Sons of Anarchy! This footage was filmed during the 4th season of Sons of Anarchy.

While taking a break from filming Ron Perlman does a little tap dance show while Charlie Hunnam, Theo Rossi, Tommy Flanagan, and Kim Coates eat salad and joke around in their trailer. Charlie Hunnam pokes fun at how Theo Rossi got his new hair. Bobby sets the camera lady straight about the “biker code”.

Whenever I look at behind the scenes footage like this it makes me think how fun it would have been to have been to hang out the cast on the set in California.

Have you ever met any of the SOA cast members? Share a photo and tell us about in the comments!

Check out the behind the scenes footage from the set of Sons of Anarchy season 4 below:

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