August Marks, A Rise To Power

August Marks & Jax Teller – Photo Credit: FX

Many people know August Marks (Billy Brown) as the number two to Damon Pope’s (Harold Parrineau) empire. He was a very cold person who had no problem doing what was necessary to get his point across. He states to Jax, before a meet with Pope, that he had known Mr. Pope since he was nineteen, showing a long-term affiliation to him and complete devotion. When Damon Pope took a bullet to the head, it was then that August Marks would rise to power.

It hadn’t been long before he took the throne and changed the law of the land. August Marks was about going into the guns business with Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), as to where Pope was only about the drugs. He made strategic moves just as well as Damon Pope but his moves had been fairly sloppy to those of Damon Pope.

August did not have the right moves to one up Jax. As much as he tried, Jax always had the upper hand. It was a back and forth process until Jax was able to throw the new king in jail. This is what happens when a king gets too self-confident. Below you will find pictures of the new king. Let us know what you think of the reign of August Marks in the comments below.

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