Are You A Sons of Anarchy Super Fan? Test Your Knowledge!


As we all know, Facebook is notorious for all these different quizzes. Most are just silly ones that use your friends list, others on the other hand actually make you think. I came across one about Sons of Anarchy. This quiz is designed for the super fan in all of us.

Do you remember everything about Sons of Anarchy? I can say that I was sure I would ace this quiz. Some of the questions were just simple common sense, others were things you really had to think about. This quiz actually asks you questions that you would not normally know unless you were a true super fan.

I know most of us think that we are superior super fans of this show, I know that I thought I had this quiz in the bag. This was not the case, as I took it, I was surprised to find out that I truly did not know everything. Do you know much about Stahl? You’ll find out when you test your SAMCRO knowledge with this fun trivia quiz!

Try this quiz out for yourself and you will see it isn’t as simple as one might think. Leave your scores in the comments and tell us what you think of the quiz.

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