22 Impressive Sons of Anarchy Tattoos

Sons of Anarchy Fan Submitted Tattoos

We’re always blown away by the Sons of Anarchy tattoos that are submitted to us by fans. Most of the tattoos that we receive are Opie Winston tribute tattoos and incredibly detailed Reaper tattoos. We’ve put together another gallery of 22 impressive Sons of Anarchy tattoos that were all submitted to us by fans on our SOA, Jax, and Opie Fanatics fan pages on Facebook.

Many of the tattoos in the gallery feature insane Opie Winston portraits, gorgeous “I Got This” quote tattoos, and jaw-dropping Sons of Anarchy Reapers. Black and grey ink, minimal color, portraits, and lettering tattoos are the most popular among fans. Flip through the SOA ink gallery below to see just how dedicated SAMCRO fans are to their favorite characters of the show.

Want to know more behind Jax and Opie’s tattoos on the show? Find out how the SOA designers came up with Jax’s┬áthe iconic Reaper back tattoo here. Learn the inspiration behind Jax’s John Teller memorial tattoo here, and Ryan Hurst talks about Opie’s ink in this video.

Do you have a Sons of Anarchy inspired tattoo? We would love to see it and maybe even featuring right here! Share photos of your tattoos in the comments.

Check out the impressive SAMCRO ink below and let us know which tattoo was your favorite in the comments.

I Got This Sickle Tattoo - Submitted by Maria R.

I Got This Sickle Tattoo - Submitted by Maria R.
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