15 Awesome Sons of Anarchy Wallpapers

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Sons of Anarchy Wallpapers

Rumor has it that you’re not a true Sons of Anarchy fan unless all of your electronic devices are full of Sons of Anarchy Wallpapers. Seriously, there’s so much to choose from – the Reaper (being the most obvious), Charlie Hunnam’s sexy face, SOA brawl scenes… I can’t pick just one.

My phone and tablet show me Charlie Hunnam as Jax Teller every time I open them – two different backgrounds, of course. The more devices you have, the better. You can literally surround yourself with Sons of Anarchy no matter where you go.

Take a look at the gallery of SOA Wallpapers, and tell us in the comments which ones you’ve already set yourselves to look at every day! Would you pick one from this gallery, or do you think yours are better? Share them on our Facebook page if you think yours beats these!

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