Will TBX’s Lee Jones Be The Next Charlie Hunnam?

Lee Jones & Charlie Hunnam – Photo Credit: FX

It has been questioned if Lee Jones, the incredibly attractive Australian actor who portrays Wilkin Brattle in Kurt Sutter’s new popular series, The Bastard Executioner, is being set up to be the next Charlie Hunnam. Is it possible he will experience the same fame as Charlie, being the frontman on a new show that’s already pulled in excessive ratings in only its second week on air?

Wilkin Brattle is a medieval warrior with a violent past. He is working toward leaving his past behind, and creating a life of peace for himself – much like Charlie Hunnam’s character in SOA, Jax Teller, did. Despite his need to separate himself from the violence, Wilkin is forced into becoming the executioner and continuing on with living a life of violence.

It has yet to be determined if Jones will find success in his role as Wilkin, though I do believe he has the right appearance to at least share in the popularity that Charlie Hunnam currently enjoys. Tell us in the comments, do you think Lee Jones can become our next leading hottie? I’ve attached a photo gallery of him here for you, just in case you’ve found it difficult to decide.

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