Watch The Hilarious Bloopers From Sons of Anarchy Season 2

Katey Sagal and Maggie Siff Joking Around On Set – Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Has anyone ever wondered what happens to those takes where an actor will make a mistake? I know I have been curious. Luckily, most shows will put out a gag reel for the fans to watch. Sons of Anarchy was no different, there are a few gag reels from the taping of their show. This helps to show that no actor or actress is perfect and gets it right on the first try.

I am not sure I could get a line right in the first 30 takes. What these actors and actresses do on a daily basis is demanding, and trying to keep up with these demands, it is normal to mess up sometimes. When you know a show well enough, such as Sons of Anarchy, watching gag reels is just what you need.


It is nice to see the actors and actresses have fun on the set with their lines and making it fun instead of taking everything so seriously. With all the rough stuff in Sons of Anarchy, these actors and actresses need that time to laugh. Take a look at the gag reel for season 2, it is funny and well worth the watch. Let us know in the comments below what you think and if you remember the episode that these gag reels were shot from.

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