Throwback Gallery for Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan Throwback Photos

Last week, we brought you throwback photos for Mark Boone JR (AKA Bobby “Elvis” Munson); this week we feel it’s only fair to do the same for our Tommy Flanagan (AKA Filip “Chibs” Telford). We’ve often wondered what our biker boys looked like in their earlier years, and we may just keep creating these galleries to satisfy our curiosities!

Tommy became active in Hollywood in 1992, at the age of 27. He is currently 50 years old – we’ve got a few throwback photos here! He began his work with Kurt Sutter and the Sons of Anarchy crew in 2008, and despite being 43 years old at the time, he looked super young when the series began.

Take a look at the gallery, and let us know in the comments which you like the best – the younger Tommy Flanagan or the older Tommy Flanagan. We’ll take all the Tommy we can get here at SOA Fanatic!

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