Sons of Anarchy – Anarchy Afterword Series Finale

Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam – Anarchy Afterword – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

After the Sons of Anarchy series finale, creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter, hosts the after show, Anarchy Afterword.

* SPOILER ALERT – If you have not watched the Sons of Anarchy’s season 7 finale episode, please do not read or watch the following *

Following the tragic season finale, Sons of Anarchy creator, Kurt Sutter and Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) sit down and look back over the past 7 years of filming and give their final farewells to the fans, cast, and crew.

Kurt Sutter talks about how he decided to wrap up Jax Teller’s life and why he chose to end it the way he did. Charlie and Kurt had discussed various potential endings before the ultimate decision to end Jax Teller’s life on the road. After all the chaos and lies that burdened Jax Teller, Sutter felt that he had no other choice but to end the series with Jax’s suicide.

Charlie Hunnam talks about the moment that Jax Teller has the personal epiphany to end his life and the overwhelming peace and freedom that Jax felt by doing so. The most beautiful part about the series ending was the tribute that Jax paid to his father, John Teller, by going out the same way.

Cast Farewell Shot – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

Later on, Kurt and Charlie are joined by the cast and crew to discuss their contributions to the show. Their “dysfunctional family” is complete after they are joined by Paris Barclay, Niko Nicotera “Rat Boy”, Annabeth Gish “Jarry”, Emilio Rivera “Alvarez”, Billy Brown “August Marks”, Jimmy Smits “Nero,  David Labrava “Happy”, Dayton Callie “Unser”, and Drea De Matteo “Wendy”.

Unfortunately, Katey Sagal “Gemma”, Tommy Flanagan “Chibs”, Theo Rossi “Juice”, Kim Coates “Tig”, and Ryan Hurst “Opie” were unable to join the cast for the finale Anarchy Afterword, but give their farewell messages through homemade videos.

What did you think of the devastating series finale ending? Do you think it ended as it should have? Leave your your thoughts and alternative ending ideas in the comments.

Watch the entire Sons of Anarchy series finale Anarchy Afterword show below:

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