Ron Perlman On ‘Hand of God’

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Ron Perlman, known for his role as Clay Morrow in FX’s hit drama Sons of Anarchy, admits he was scared to take a role in his newly released series, Hand of God. Allegedly, the actor doubted his acting abilities (I know, I even said “What?!” too), and was concerned about portraying the morally corrupt judge, Pernell Harris, in the show.

In an Associated Press interview, Perlman said “What really scared me most is how emotionally broken you see this character and how compromised he is.” Later on adding that “…in order for the series to work, I knew the sorrow and pain [for the character] needed to be authentic, organic.

To me, it sounds as if the character of Judge Harris has a lot in common with the character of Claw Morrow. Clay had his fair share of pain in SOA, granted it was all mostly self-inflicted, however, he was an emotionally complex character with a deep-seeded irrationality.


In my opinion, Perlman is more than qualified to handle a character role that is multifarious and has emotionally distressing layers. He more than proved that with his deliverance of Clay Morrow. Hand of God also stars Dana Delaney (Body of Proof), Julian Morris (New Girl), and Alona Tal (Burn Notice).

Hand of God premiered on Amazon on August 28, 2015. Have you yet watched it? Leave your opinions of Ron Perlman’s performance as Judge Pernell Harris in the comments.

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