One Sons of Anarchy Compilation That Is Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Jax Finds Tara – Photo Source: YouTube Screenshot

I love to watch fan-submitted Sons of Anarchy videos on YouTube. The site is full of incredibly talented filmmakers and editors, and Sons fans are no exception. We’re a lucky bunch, and I’m proud to be among this group of skilled, loyal fans.

I came across a video, “Light Carries On”, made by YouTube User, xHeather360x. It is 4 minutes and 55 seconds of every scene in SOA that ever made us cry. I should have watched it with tissues, I joke not. Consider this your tissue alert.

This compilation brings you back to events throughout SOA that you have already forgotten about. It conveys such raw, unadulterated emotion, and the music overlay is absolute perfection. xHeather360x did an extraordinary job with this, no doubt about it.

Please, take 5 minutes out of your day, and watch this one. You’ll be happy that you did, I know I am. Leave your feelings in the comments here. Did you just love this video or what?

Video Credit: xHeather360x

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