Ladies of Anarchy: Venus (Vincent) Van Dam

Venus Van Dam – Sons of Anarchy – Photo Source: Pinterest

The character of Venus Van Dam, portrayed by Walton Goggins, undoubtedly contributed majorly to acceptance for transgendered persons in Hollywood. Venus had a complex gender identity, and her horrific upbringing as a child was mostly to blame for it.

We first meet Venus in Season 5, when the SAMCRO crew enlists her to help setup blackmail against Allen Biacone, a crooked businessman in Charming. Tig instantly falls for her, even at the surprise of other SAMCRO members.

She becomes a more permanent fixture in SOA throughout Season 6, after Gemma recruits the Sons to help rescue Venus’s son, assumed nephew, from the hands of her estranged mother, Alice. When his rescue turns violent, Jax ends up killing Alice, thus freeing Venus from her tumultuous past.

Venus returns in Season 7 to visit Tig after he was shot searching for Jonathan Haddam, the deceased pastor who’d committed violent acts against SAMCRO’s ally MC, The Grim Bastards. She and Tig admitted their love for one another, and the two formed a relationship despite all of their major differences.

While Venus was only a major game player for three seasons, we as fans fell in love with her – who she was and what she stood for. Walton Goggins set the bar for all transgender actors and actresses across the nation. We’ve assembled a gallery to show our undying admiration for Venus and Walton Goggins. Let us know your feelings about the role of Venus in the comments!

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