Katey Sagal On Her New Role As ‘Annora of The Elders’ & Photo Gallery

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Katey Sagal As Annora of The Elders – Photo Credit: FX – The Bastard Executioner

Vanity Fair did a superb write-up about Katey Sagal prior to the release of The Bastard Executioner on September 15, 2015, and I am so impressed by it, that I am compelled to share it all with you. TBX is Katey’s 4th major TV series in a 30 year period.

Vanity Fair says:

Though you may not automatically recognize her as the voice behind Leela, the one-eyed ship captain on Futurama, she’s immediately recognizable for playing the fiery red-headed matriarch on Married with Children and the blonde-streaked biker mama Gemma on Sons of Anarchy. But Sagal is tackling something entirely new with her latest project, the FX period action drama The Bastard Executioner…”

The folks at Vanity Fair are obviously as curious as we are about the Katy Sagal-Kurt Sutter mash up in TBX, asking her how the collaboration between the two works. They were also quick to point out that Sarah White, Sagal’s real-life daughter has joined the TBX cast.

Katey says:

Some people think when you’re husband and wife, you work together, you sit across the desk from each other, and see each other all the work-long day. It‘s really not that way when he’s writing and producing. It’s wonderful that we get a few moments to act together. Kurt’s really a good actor. I’ve never been able to do scenes with Kurt. That’s kind of new for us.”

Check out Katey’s full interview here and check out the Katey Sagal career gallery we’ve put together for you! Tell us in the comments what your thoughts are. Do you like Katey as Annora of the Elders, or did you prefer her as Peg Bundy in Married with Children, Leela in Futurama, or Gemma Teller-Morrow in Sons of Anarchy?

See Katey Sagal’s gallery below:

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