Beautiful Tribute To Sons of Anarchy’s Juice & Chibs

Chibs and Juice
Chibs & Juice – Photo Credit: FX Sons of Anarchy

Like most days, I’m cruising through YouTube looking for the best fan-made Sons of Anarchy tribute videos, and today I leave it, super impressed again. I came across this beautiful Juice and Chibs tribute video, made by Rae Redwood.

I’ve forgotten how much of a guidance Chibs was for Juice. He saved Juice from several bad situations, and even covered up Juice’s bad decisions when it meant he might be removed from the club. Chibs loved Juice, that was obvious, and it hurt Chibs the final time he had to tell Juice to go.

Check out the video, and let us know in the comments if it also brought back some serious SOA memories for you! Rae did an exceptional job on the video, and the music choice is purely phenomenal!