20 Jax Teller Throwback Photos

Jax Teller – Season 1 – Photo Credit: FX

We’re throwing it back to season one and two of Sons of Anarchy with this gallery of Jax Teller. It was the time we saw Jax Teller as a young father who still had somewhat of a good head on his shoulders versus the (as Tara would say) “monster” he had transformed into by the end of the series.

In these photos, Jax has a calm and innocent demeanor compared to how jaded and torn he looks in the photos from season 7. While flipping through the throwback gallery, you’ll get an overwhelming sense of nostalgia that will make you want to binge-watch the entire Sons of Anarchy series all over again.

Which Jax Teller throwback is your favorite? Sort through the gallery below and let us know which one you like the most in the comments.

Check out the Jax Teller throwback gallery below:

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